Multitudes on Monday

 Gratitude Journal….

Horses grazing in green pastures (#518)

Quiet time at church to pray and meditate (#519)

Licorice tea (#520)

Irish dancing, Irish music, Irish festivals (#521)

Warm sun on skin (#522)

Sharing a Pepsi with my grandson (#523)

Purple sundresses (#524)

Black-eyed Susans in vases (#525)

A full moon at dawn (#526)

Creamy homemade yogurt (#527)

Lively dinner conversations (#528)

Multitudes on Monday

Gratitude Journal
          ….in gratitude for God’s many gifts. Joining in with the community over @ a holy experience.

# 421. little girls on carousels

# 422.  ice cream cones dripping creamy sweet
# 423.  lunch with my husband
# 424.  fresh snap peas hanging in the garden
# 425.  the mysteries of the kingdom
# 426.  the smell of petunias in the late evening hours

# 427.  children setting the dinner table

# 428.  rainbows arching over mountaintops

# 429.  breezes blowing sheer curtains through open windows
# 430.  untangling Irish dance shoelaces
# 431.  tears at the cemetery, grieve and grieving, God’s healing
# 432.  squirrels scattering up trees

# 433.  organizing and labeling

# 434.  morning fatigue and a nap

# 435.  butterflies

# 436.  combing tangles out of granddaughter’s hair and memories of another little blonde-haired girl

# 437.  wild roses

Multitudes on Monday

Gratitude journal….joining Ann and community over at A Holy Experience

#381 ~ beautiful Mass of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

#382 ~ chanted Marian hymns sung a capella in a beautiful church

#383 ~ mosquitoes and mosquito bites

#384 ~ marsh marigolds and magenta shooting stars

#385 ~ a high mountain lake

#386 ~ the rushing of water flowing swiftly over rocks in a creek

#387 ~ mountain heather

#389 ~ a faithful priest serving in the missions

#340 ~ determination to reach full potential…

. . . despite obstacles

Multitudes on Monday

In gratitude……along with those over at A Holy Experience

#250 ~ first sunburns

#251 ~ silly children making faces and laughing

#252 ~ the glimpse f a butterfly fluttering by

#253 ~ early Spring wildflowers: buttercups, wild strawberry, Glacier lilies, shooting stars

#254 ~ the sound of the wind blowing high up in the tree tops of the forest

#255 ~ pancakes for breakfast

#256 ~ watching my husband gracefully casting his fly-rod

#257 ~ grandkids sleeping over

#258 ~ the medical technology that is keeping my diabetic granddaughter healthy and alive

#259 ~ long afternoon out in the countryside, quiet and alone

#260 ~ electric clothes dryers

Multitudes on Monday

Joining with the community over at A Holy Experience…..
Gratitude for His many gifts….

……….# 184-193

~ the smell of a lawn being watered by the mist of a clicking, hissing sprinkler system

~ the sound of wind rushing over my ears

~ snap peas sprouting up through the dirt

~ listening to my granddaughter tell me that she can now ride a
2-wheel bike after her seventh bike ride of the day

~ going for a walk with my husband in the evening after supper

~ all the laughter and joy with my fellow Carmelites at our meeting today

~ eating ice cream with my family

~ God’s presence at every moment

~ visiting and catching up with a neighbor

~ the honking of a lone Canada goose

Multitudes on Monday

In gratitude to God for all His gifts…….
– planting sets in the garden

– penciling out the garden plan on paper

– the smell of cheesecake baking in the oven

– speaking to all my children today

– windy days

– enjoying dinner and conversation with old friends

– children all dressed up in church in nice shirts and ties; in white dresses and veils all ready and eager to receive their First Communion

– crocuses blooming, yellow and purple

– the hum of the dishwasher working, washing dishes

– laughter with friends

– sorrowful tears healing my heart offering the pain for conversion

– a new hanging basket I designed and planted myself

– forever grateful for my daughter, Rachel

Multitudes on Monday

Expressions of gratitude…with those over at A Holy Experience..

97. the pitter-patter of rain drops on the window

98. an unexpected Mother’s Day card from a caring person

99. working in the dirt, preparing the garden

100. the diverse colors of flowers in the nursery greenhouse

101. naps

102. clean floors

103. grandchildren proudly coloring in coloring books

104. for my children and grandchildren

Multitudes on Monday

Counting a thousand gifts with Ann over at A Holy Experience…..

64. a multitude of white fluffy clouds stretching across the sky for miles

65. two small children walking together holding hands and singing

66. freshly tilled earth

67. reading books with the grandchildren

68. crepes filled with yogurt, fruit and nutella

69. long phone conversation with a holy priest friend

70. God’s infinite Mercy

71. the gift of life

72. a hug from a beautiful friend

73. snow covered mountain tops

74. cold breeze chilling fingers

75. little children at church

76. tears of sorrow, healing pain of loss

77. the peace that only the presence of Christ can bring

Multitudes on Monday

Joining with those at A Holy Experience…counting a thousand gifts….

24. Warm sunny day with a light cool breeze

25. Chocolate on a little girl’s face

26. The smell of hyacinths

27. The glow of light from the flame of a candle

28. Laughter

29. Large, feast day meals

30. My faith, my family, my friends

31. The Resurrection of Christ