2 thoughts on “St. Andrew

  1. Lisa, I have read about a dozen of your posts tonight. They sre so beautiful. As a Carmelite myself, they resonate with my soul. I am delighted to see you are still blogging. I truly miss it, but three little granddaughters and a now retired husband have me trying to find time to write again. We are also traveling a lot. The girls are 4 and under and an absolute delight. We try to give their mom a break and keep them as often as we can. I noted you are on FB. I am too. Send me a friend request,,,if you wish, at MarieTherese. My current profile pic is of Our Lady pregnant with Jesus, and my header is my three granddaughters.
    There is an awesome group, modersted by Connie Rossini, called Authentic Contemplative Prayer, based on Carmelite spirituality. You might like to check it out.
    Have a most beautiful and holy Christmas as we welcome the Christ Child.
    Love and prayers, Patricia

    • Patricia,
      I’m not sure how much I am “still” blogging. Inspirations for topics are few are far between or they are only partially developed in my mind. I am glad you have read some of these that are posted and find something in them beneficial. I totally understand the grandchildren and retired/traveling life. My husband is about to retire and we keep busy with the kids/grandkid too! Life is good! I have been following Connie Rossini on Facebook too. A great group and really needed. I will send you a FB friend request. I don’t put too much on it, but I do check in often. Have a wonderful new year and enjoy your family and all that God has in store for you in the upcoming year.
      Peace, prayers and blessings,
      Rebecca (Becky)

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